Ronni Ann Hall, Designing Fairy, is a creative & modern teacher, storyteller and designer, an animal/spirit intuitive, who shares her wisdom through illustrated, multi-media products, courses, and mentorships. I’m always learning new things from Ronni’s online classes:

I am uplifted and inspired by my artist/intuitive friend Pamela J. Smith. She has two websites for her artistic creations. Her Imagikins website welcomes you to the world of the Imagikins. . . “5 tiny, magical beings known for bringing smiles into the hearts of all those who believe.”

For Pamela’s fine art prints on canvas, card reproductions, and whimsical hand-painted children’s rockers, see her online gallery.

Shari Silvey is a visionary artist friend who shares her artwork in a 3-Dimensional Transformational Card deck called The Power to Transform:

Linda-Ann Stewart has been my mentor and coach for over 20 years. She has much to offer at Tools for Your Mind, Soul, and Spirit to Empower You and Transform Your Life.

Carolyn R. Moore, LCSW is a gifted, highly intuitive psychotherapist who does EMDR as well as counseling. She can be reached at 928-300-4539.

I highly recommend my two gifted Reiki Master Teachers:

In Sedona, AZ: Carla Trujillo of True-Life

Virginia Beach, Virginia: Bernadette Kristaponis of Reiki-Echoes


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