Essential Oils

I’ve been expanding my exploration of nature’s gifts for mind-body health by working with essential oils. There is so much information out there on essential oils, it can become overwhelming. Much of the information can be traced to  Young Living and Doterra, two giant essential oils companies that have aggressive multi-level marketing going on. There’s a lot of competition between these two and their distributors, much like Coke and Pepsi. There are also many smaller companies who sell directly to the public online or in stores where you can get quality product without the need to sign up as a distributor to get reasonable prices. It’s a buyer beware world in this as in all natural remedies since none are regulated by the FDA. If the price is too good to believe, it is probably an inferior product. At this point I am in a learning phase, keeping an open mind, and learning from many sources and my own practice. I am determined to stay safe so use the oils only topically (don’t ingest) with a carrier oil to dilute, or simply diffuse them in the air. I may or may not do postings on these explorations. I will however share resources I’ve found helpful in my explorations.


Emotions and Essential Oils: A Modern Resource for Healing Emotional Reference Guide Third Edition c. 2014 Published by Enlighten Alternative Healing, LLC

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