Pine: moving from negative self blame to positive self respect


I can’t explain why flower essences work for me. Science as it currently exists would debunk flower essences as a total scam. But they do work for me. It’s possible that my belief in them makes them work, a placebo effect. Pine is one of the flower essences I turn to often when I start feeling low. By examining my thoughts I will see that I am putting myself down, being critical, shaming myself. I know this goes back to my early childhood and how I was parented. However, it’s my current thoughts, my own internal critic that is the source of my current feelings of inadequacy. I can change my thoughts and Pine helps me do it.

Every now and then in my dreams at night I have a dream where I am in a pine scented forest. The scent of pine is quite real in my dream and I feel myself uplifted. I wake up with a joyous feeling that I’ve been to a special place where I am loved and all is well.

About ruthelsesser

I've been on the planet for over 7 decades and life is good. I am a retired educator. I've lived in Arizona since the mid-eighties and enjoy all the beauty that surrounds me on a daily basis.
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