Assertiveness: Centaury Flower, Polar Bear, Tiger’s Eye

I’ve been away on vacation the last month or so which is why this blog has been resting as well. The wonderful thing about vacations is that when you go back to your normal life, you get to have a fresh start and try new things. I have been stretching myself out of my comfort zone a bit by taking online classes and  participating in a practice group provided by Ronni Rose-Swanson.

In my practice group we’ve been practicing doing intuitive card readings with each other and I have now twice done card readings where I have integrated earth gifts to support the qualities being suggested by the cards. It occurred to me that I could write a post in a similar manner.

One of the qualities I worked with today was Assertiveness. This is the ability to stand up for your beliefs, and only say yes if you really want to. I found three earth gifts that can support one in being assertive: a flower essence, a spirit animal, and a gemstone.

Centaury is a Bach Flower essence that can be found in your local health food store or online. The Centaury flower looks like this:


The centaury flower essence helps you serve others from inner strength, with a healthy recognition of one’s own needs. Assertiveness means acting from  the strength of inner purpose, saying “No” when appropriate.

The spirit animal that can assist with assertiveness is the Polar Bear.

polar bear

Polar Bear can assist in standing up for yourself and speaking your truth respectfully and compassionately, with no attachment to outcome. This includes asking for what you want and setting boundaries. You can say “No” clearly and without apology when you are assertive. One way to work with Polar Bear spirit essence might be to get pictures or a stuffed animal as a visual reminder of the Polar Bear strength you can call upon within yourself.

Finally, the Tiger’s Eye gemstone can assist in having the confidence and courage to be assertive:

tigers_eyeImage courtesy of

Scott Cunningham in  Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Crystal, Gem & Metal Magic says that Tiger’s Eye is a warm stone that promotes energy flow through the body when worn. He suggests sitting outside on a sunny day and holding a tiger’s-eye in your hands, gazing at the flashes of light.

Doreen Virtue in Crystal Angels Oracle Cards Guidebook says of Tiger’s Eye that it can bring you a feeling of safety. It can help you feel like a tiger, filled with courage, confidence, and ferocity.

Assertiveness is a key to happiness. It honors everyone’s rights, including your own. Assertive people are easy to get along with because you always know where you stand with them. You can speak your truth with love and let go of unhealthy, old communication habits. I would love to hear of any earth gifts or tools that have helped you with being more assertive.

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I've been on the planet for over 7 decades and life is good. I am a retired educator. I've lived in Arizona since the mid-eighties and enjoy all the beauty that surrounds me on a daily basis.
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2 Responses to Assertiveness: Centaury Flower, Polar Bear, Tiger’s Eye

  1. baltogirl says:

    So much wonderful info here, Ruth. I am excited to keep reading your blog…never know what leap in insight you will be sharing!

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