Dove Visits Day and Night


I’ve had a dove come visit me in my backyard the past few days. I’ve seen her outside my kitchen window and patio door. She’s also been there when I’ve been in my backyard. She stays for quite awhile looking at me and cocking her head. I fee like she has a message to give me.

I recall seeing a dove in my dreams recently. She was flying directly to me with a translucent blue-green heart and quartz crystal cluster she was holding in her beak. In the dream she landed right in front of me.

dove, heart, crystal

What are the messages these appearances signify?

Carly van Heerden in Animal Totems and Spirit Animals says that the dove is seen as a cross-world communicator and spirit messenger. They represent peace, love, gentleness and kindness. Denise Linn in Secret Language of Signs says the heart is a sign of love and bliss. Crystals are transmitters, receivers, and magnifiers. Spiritually it is a powerful symbol of clarity and spiritual energy.

I am feeling that the message the doves are giving me has to do with love. It could be simply that I am loved, be loving and gentle to yourself, show love and kindness to others. If we all did this one thing we could make the world heaven on earth.

What messages do doves bring to you?

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and a loving pair of doves at whyilovewesttexas


About ruthelsesser

I've been on the planet for over 6 decades and life is good. I am a semi-retired educator, currently working as an adjunct faculty member at the local community college. I've lived in Arizona since the mid-eighties and enjoy all the beauty that surrounds me on a daily basis.
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