Violets in Arizona


A couple of nights ago I dreamed that I discovered violets growing in the shade of a big red rock in my back  yard. I was so excited! It is not often that you see violets in Arizona, even at the more moderate climate of 3,314 feet where I live. Yet I have seen violets in Sedona which is at a higher elevation of 4,326 feet. I also have friends at my elevation who have violets in their yards in shady areas. Once violets are established, they thrive and multiply.

I’ve tried once or twice to get a violet patch started in a shady area of my back yard and I have failed. Since having the dream, I’m motivated to try again. It would be lovely to have violets growing and to be able to make my own violet flower essence!

I blog about the things I want to learn more about so I decided to do some research on violet flower essences. What I discovered is that different flower essence people have different takes on what the violet flower essence healing properties are.

My usual go to flower essence people are Flower Essence Services in California, and they have violet flower essence. They see violet’s positive qualities as “delicate, highly perceptive sensitivity, elevated spiritual perspective, socially responsive but self-contained.” It helps with profound shyness and the fear of being submerged in groups.

I feel the violet color of the flower shows it’s a crown chakra flower, hence the elevated spiritual perspective. Also “shrinking violet” is a phrase we use to indicate shyness. These are all clues to violet flower essence qualities.

I was delighted to discover new (for me) flower essence people in Oregon by doing an internet search for violet flower essence. Power of Flowers Healing Essence Company . They have a lovely website that is worth a visit. They state the healing properties of violet flower essence as being “especially attuned to highly evolved and fragile souls, assisting with self-liberation, self-expression and individuation, while retaining the refined and tender qualities of their feminine beauty. In a sense, violet flowers call out, ‘Come and see me,’ thereby, balancing a force of receptive beauty with a new found personal will. The Purple Violet flower remedy bridges the virtues and qualities of the violet with the inner foundation of self worth and courage.”

They also have a little poem and a beautiful archetype card that goes with the flower essence. I leave it to you to follow the archetype card link to see the vivid artwork and what the card has to say. I will, however, quote the short poem they have:

“Garden of violets is a paradise,                                                                                                       Where the reverence of Eve is Reborn,                                                                                           With passion and self-love within me,                                                                                                I embody the beauty of Earth’s purity.                                                                                             Within my soul, I am free.”  

This really resonates with the feeling I had in my dream when I discovered the treasure of violets in my backyard.

Since that dream I have been noticing violets in places I hadn’t noticed them before. I have a framed greeting card created by my friend Pamela J. Smith called Alliyah .

I do hope you follow the link and look at it (scroll down the page.) She is a radiant angel holding a rabbit in her arms and in her hair are violets!

I happened to see Pamela yesterday and she was carrying a new Vera Bradley backpack purse. Wouldn’t you know it, the floral pattern was of violets! I asked Pamela what she thought the essence of violets were. She shared what she intuitively picked up: Childlike innocence where we are born with knowing our connection with spirit. The violet helps us reconnect with spirit and know that all things are possible through spirit. The purple of violets connect with the crown chakra. The sweet and simple scent of violet speaks of a sweet and simple connection with spirit. The center of the violet is white indicating opening up to the higher consciousness. The gold in the center of the violet speaks of a gold throat or tongue: speaking through spirit. The five petals of violet stand for change: remembering you are that innocence and coming back to origin.


About ruthelsesser

I've been on the planet for over 6 decades and life is good. I am a semi-retired educator, currently working as an adjunct faculty member at the local community college. I've lived in Arizona since the mid-eighties and enjoy all the beauty that surrounds me on a daily basis.
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2 Responses to Violets in Arizona

  1. wenzowsa says:

    I went to the site, and thought it was great. I’m going to have to order myself some flower essences, aside from the regular rescue remedy!

  2. ruthelsesser says:

    That’s great! I’d love to hear about what you try and how well it works!

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