Goldfish or Koi Messages


While I was still in bed this morning I heard a very distinct sound in my room over where my computer is. The sound was that of a fish jumping in or out of water and I briefly saw in my mind an empty fish bowl with the water glugging in waves. Later as I was meditating I saw a quick flash of a goldfish swimming down a stream. I took these as signs that goldfish had a message to share today.

One of the first things I asked myself was how did the goldfish message make me feel? I would say it made me feel happy. First there is the color–it is luminous gold and shimmery. Then there are the associations. Goldfish are a powerful Feng Shui symbol for prosperity. Goldfish are often the first pet a parent will allow a child to have. “Show me you can take care of the goldfish and we’ll see about getting a dog.” It also reminds me of reading Dr. Seuss’s The Cat in the Hat as a child where the goldfish warns that the Cat is going too far, this is going to lead to a big mess! Dr-Seuss-cat-in-the-hat

A trip to Totem Talk brings a few pages of information including links and pictures. Here I find the Goldfish/Koi wisdom includes prosperity, beauty, harmony, balance between mind and emotion, and peace.

The Japanese recognize goldfish or koi for their beauty and their ability to transform the viewer into otherworldly states of perception. this attracts the high energy that manifests in the form of prosperity of all kinds in one’s life.

They are magical creatures who can help us drop the analytic mind and unleash our imagination.


Koi is a popular wallpaper for computers or digital devices as well as the inspiration for many a beautiful work of art. Clearly Koi or goldfish lifts us out of our every day minds into a higher level of awareness, beauty, and energy.

How to put the pieces of this message together? I think it’s significant that I heard a fish jumping and I found an image showing a fish jumping. When I read about goldfish care I found what I instinctively knew: goldfish bowls are two small for goldfish and seriously shorten their lives (they can live 40 years!) as well as keeping them from growing to their full size. Setting aside the fact that they are severely restricted in the space they have to swim, they do not get the oxygen they need and the water is quickly polluted with their waste. They need aquariums (10 gallons per goldfish) or ponds.

This makes me think of what we humans are doing to our living area, the earth, and how life in concentrated urban areas are affecting the humans living there. Are many of us ready to jump out of the mess we’ve created into a pure, uncrowded, natural space where we can swim freely and grow to our full potential? The answer is obviously yes.

I think the goldfish or koi are sending a message of what true prosperity and happiness is. It is not to be found in the gold or glittery devices the omnipresent advertisers suggest. It is to be found in peaceful harmony with nature–in free, clean, healthy earth, air and water. We are polluting and damaging this. We have not done a good job caring for our “first pet”, translate, caring for our planet. Like the fish in The Cat in the Hat is saying: this is leading to a disaster! It is time to step up to the plate and start making changes before it is too late.

And it may already be too late, but I believe we can create magic like the koi (and The Cat in the Hat). We have amazing powers to grow into that we can wield. We should not despair but keep putting energy out to making a change in whatever way we are called to act.

Those are my thoughts, what does the goldfish or koi say to you?


About ruthelsesser

I've been on the planet for over 6 decades and life is good. I am a semi-retired educator, currently working as an adjunct faculty member at the local community college. I've lived in Arizona since the mid-eighties and enjoy all the beauty that surrounds me on a daily basis.
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6 Responses to Goldfish or Koi Messages

  1. wenzowsa says:

    I think the metaphor/interpretation you took from your vision is very much fitting. The most beautiful and harmonious things are to be found in the natural environment. And like your goldfish, we need to escape the bowls we find ourselves in. Thanks for this beautiful post and the lovely images.

  2. fishinnpost says:

    I don’t believe we have done that much harm to the world yet. I think once the future comes though.. there will be a lore more damage to the world. And that goldfish just like jumping out of water 😀 almost like a dolphin haha

    • ruthelsesser says:

      I hope you’re right that we haven’t done that much harm yet. I am hopeful that consciousness will be raised and we’ll make changes so that the world will see a better future. You’re so right, the goldfish does look like a little golden dolphin jumping!

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