Golden Ear Drops for Releasing and Healing


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I’ve been thinking about the eagle messages I got this week about feeling, releasing, and healing old emotional wounds from childhood. Today I ran across a flower essence that can assist in that process. If you haven’t worked with flower essences before, I recommend you give them a try. They work very subtly to help you with emotional healing and shifting of energy patterns. They are an energy medicine similar to homeopathic medicine. If you’ve used homeopathic medicine with success, you may find that flower essences can help you as well.

I’m old enough now and have been working long enough on my childhood issues to feel I have some experiences to share in this area. Because I am such a thinking person, in my brain a lot, my process involved a lot of talking to first a modern psychoanalyst and later a hypnotherapist about what was bothering me in the present. A good listener is really what you need. Many people can do this same process by writing in a journal or being creative in art, photography, music, dance–any creative endeavor. You start to see patterns and you discover that the patterns in the present had their birth in the past in early childhood. Early experiences become the filter or programming for how one processes everything that happens in one’s life.

For me, the talking and hypnotherapy created conscious shifts and changes in that programming. Things that people would do or say that used to trigger emotional responses in me no longer did. My self confidence and self esteem grew. I felt more empowered to move myself out of bad relationships and work situations into ones that were supportive of me. I started to give myself the nurturing that was missing from my childhood: I embraced and nurtured my inner child.

Yet there was unfinished business. When both my parents passed on within 18 months of each other, I discovered I had emotional wounds that I had talked myself through and intellectually healed, but had not dealt with on an emotional level. The emotions were trapped in my cells and hadn’t been released.

I was guided to try Reiki healing treatments and EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing).

I had not yet started working with flower essences. If I had, I would have tried the Golden Ear Drops!

As a result of the Reiki and EMDR, I started actually letting go of old stuck emotions–physically releasing them. I started to breath deeply for the first time in my adult life, discovering a whole space in my abdomen that I had constricted.

With EMDR I remember a pivotal session where I felt my ears hurting. What a strange sensation! When I went back to concentrate on that, I got an image of myself as a child with a funnel in my ear and being yelled at through the funnel. That was why my ears hurt–being yelled at as a child. It was wild. I was able to reprogram all that with EMDR. The anguish I was experiencing was replaced by a sense of peace and love.

The Golden Ear Drops reminded me of that EMDR experience with my ears because of the ear part of its name! The flower essence made from Golden Ear Drops  is an FES flower essence. The online catalog says it “helps you understand core experiences that define emotional history; nourishment and insight from past experiences.” It deals with “suppressed toxic memories of childhood; feelings of pain and trauma about past events, affecting present emotional identity.”

Wow, another tool for healing old childhood wounds. If you decide you’d like to try Golden Ear Drops flower essences, I suggest you see the video I posted previously created by my flower essence teacher Ronnie Ann Hall, What Are Flower Essences . It gives a wonderful summary of what flower essences are and how to use them. They work on an energy level and actually evoke emotional responses for you to work through and heal. They are gentle, slow, and subtle so you need to give them a couple weeks to make a shift. I feel that the Golden Ear Drops would be a good complementary tool to whatever therapy or healing practice you are doing to work through and heal your childhood issues.

If you are in the Cottonwood, AZ area and would like information on the hypnotherapist or EMDR counselor I worked with, I have their contact info on my Recommendations page. Also, Ronni Ann Hall’s contact info is listed there if you are interested in taking her upcoming (April 2013) class on Flower Essences being offered as a Community Education class at Yavapai College in Sedona. She also has online classes that you can take anywhere from the comfort of your own home.


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